Granville Island Veterinary Hospital 

At Granville Island Veterinary Hospital located in Vancouver, B.C., we are a full-service veterinary hospital.  Are you looking for a veterinary hospital in Vancouver and/or the BC lower mainland? We offer a variety of dog and cat vet services including emergency care, routine preventive care, diagnostic and surgical pet care services, puppy and kitten vaccines, and many more services. If there is any information you are looking for that you cannot find, please feel free to contact us by phone at 604.734.7744 or send us an e-mail.

Choosing your veterinarian is one of the most important things that you can do for your best friend. At the Granville Island Veterinary Hospital, we understand this completely. We have pets of our own and know how essential this is for your peace of mind. Our clients' confidence depends on our knowledge and expertise, along with many other things. Our gentle bedside manner, dedicated support staff and friendly, caring environment are all vitally important. We recommend that you talk to friends and family who know us and trust our reputation.

The Granville Island Veterinary Hospital (GIVH) has been operating since 1981; the doctors and staff of the Granville Island Veterinary Hospital have been dedicated as a team to the prevention of disease and preservation of the age old human-animal bond with empathy, compassion and respect. We are proud to announce that we are the official veterinarians for the Vancouver Police Dogs.

The goals of the Granville Island Veterinary Hospital have always been to heal our patients and advance the science of Veterinary Medicine. We are committed to staying on the cutting edge of new and innovative technology and to applying state of the art procedures for our patients' benefit. Through the principle of group practice, we are able to quickly focus our knowledge and expertise where the need is most urgent.

Dr. John Clark, Dr. Janet Adam, Dr. Bill Ignacio, Dr. Jeffrey Berkshire, Dr. Anna Wallace, Dr. Cynthia Rose and the staff of Granville Island Veterinary Hospital are dedicated to the wellness of your four-legged family members.